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Everything Clicked in 1-6 for Cabins 6, 7, and 8!!

TP Birthday cake

This was a summer where EVERYTHING CLICKED! See what the campers from our middle three cabins had to say about what it was that clicked in 1-6:

Cabin 6 (Cheyenne):

Max: I really like tennis.

Gordon: I am a good swimmer.

Ross: That I have the best cabin.

Jack: The activities in Zoo and winning the Lip Sync Contest.

James: That I am better at soccer than I thought I was.

Calvin: Archery.

Alex: Laser tag.

Rodrigo (CIT): Being a 2nd year CIT.

Cabin 6

Cabin 7 (Iroquois):

Santiago: Spending a lot of time with my new friends and meeting my goals.

Ethan: I passed my Crew rank in sailing and Level 5 in swimming.

Bryce: Passing levels.

Pedro: Inside jokes with my cabin.

Andres: I love tennis.

Alex: TP Players.

Ray: Getting better at Riflery.

Cabin 7

Cabin 8 (Winnebago):

Noah: I really enjoyed tennis.

Matthew: I got better at Riflery.

Neil: I enjoyed trying sailing for the first time.

Alex: Riflery.

Gianni: I learned how to sail better than in previous years.

Rodrigo: Soccer, Trick Ski, and Tennis.

Finnegan: Riding.

Ben: How to sail and slalom ski.

Nicholas: Tennis competition against Red Arrow.

Rafael (CIT): Trap, Soccer, Skin Diving.

Cabin 8