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Everything Clicked in 1-6 for Cabins 3, 4, and 5!


This was a summer where EVERYTHING CLICKED! See what the campers from our youngest three cabins had to say about what it was that clicked in 1-6:

Cabin 3 (Menominee):

Patricio: Finally being able to get up on the wakeboard.

Joel: That the activities are really good like I imagined.

Pablo: I was with my camp friends in the cabin.

Thomas: This summer was super fun, especially sailrace.

George: The jokes at campfires.

Hudson: Archery and Riflery because I did really well, and I enjoyed them.

Giacomo: The ranking system for activities.

Ethan (CIT): I learned all of the sailing terms and achieved my Crew rank.

Cabin 3

Cabin 4 (Huron):

Luke: I passed four levels in Archery.

Paul: Trotting on a horse – I finally got it!

Chris: Playing capture the flag.

Craig: I passed Level 4 in Instructional Swim and Black Bowman in Archery.

Isaac: Making friends.

Manuel: Many of my friends are here at camp, but I am able to make new friends that can also be my best friends.

Mitchell (CIT): I learned that what you do around camp affects more than just you. Camp is a community and as you grow up going through the different cabins, you can start to see how complex it really is.

Alvaro (CIT): Sports and friends.

Cabin 4

Cabin 5 (Mohawk):

Tanner: Riflery became easier once I got to the sitting position.

Henry: Making a pirate ship out of popsicle sticks.

Julian: I learned that I enjoy practicing and performing magic tricks and having a slight of hand.

Matthew: I liked sailing and enjoyed taking out boats with my friends.

Mitchell: Playing tennis in a more serious manner.

Domenic: Passing levels in riflery.

Jack (CIT): My cabin really clicked and seemed to work well with me!

Cabin 5