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Empathy and Growth with Cabin 6!

Life can be pretty hard sometimes. Part of growing up is finding out one’s strengths and weaknesses and that isn’t always an easy process. This is one of those tasks that camp is great for: allowing a safe space for kids to try new things and grow. But as we think about our own strengths and limitations, it is also important to appreciate that there are many individuals around the world who have had even more limitations placed on them, yet continue to overcome and take life in stride. Today is National Disability Day, a great time for us to reflect on the ways we overcome adversity and to appreciate the differences in the world! So, cabin 6 is here to help us celebrate that by talking about how they grew as individuals in the summer of 2018!

Here are some ways the boys of cabin 6 learned in the summer of 2018:

Sam. S: “I now know how to sail a boat” and a change in himself he described was “being in a community in camp!”

Ryan G: Now knows that he can “play soccer well” and a change that he made in himself this summer is “being confident.”

Pablo E: now knows how to wakeboard and learned many new skills!

George M: had an awesome role in the TP players production of Robin Hood (and he delivered). He also made a change in himself by reading more!

Thomas K: Learned “how to uncapsize a boat” and has grown more patient at camp!

Manuel M: Enjoyed the new mountain bikes and a positive change he made was “helping other people.”

Patricio H: Learned how to sail in sailrace and he read every night!

Celebrating National Disability Day isn’t just about celebrating the ways in which we overcome difficulty and grow as individuals. It is also about practicing empathy for people who might be a bit different from us. So, here are some ways the guys of Cabin 6 were kind to each other in 2018:

George M: Always tried to cheer up his cabinmates when they were down.

Sam S: Tried to help out his cabinmates.

Ryan G: Played Magic the Gathering with all his friends.

Thomas K: Shared his things with his cabinmates and they shared in turn!

Manuel M: Others showed kindness to him by being his friends and respecting him.

Pablo E: Thought all his cabinmates were always there to help him out.

Patricio H: Said that his cabinmates, particularly Thomas, helped him make his bunk each day.

I hope that these improvements have helped the boys out in their academic years and I look forward to seeing them grow even more next summer!