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Choose Towering Pines Camp!


I’m sure it goes without saying that you have seen your share of political ads over the past several weeks and months. More than likely, these ads are telling you something about the choices you should make on November 8th.  So, instead of advising you who to vote for, we would like to give you a better choice this year. We want you to CHOOSE CAMP!


Here at Camp Towering Pines, we actually care about the thing that most politicians only pretend to pay attention to – your kids and your family. Our goal in what we to do is to help kids get outside and explore nature, to make new friends and connect with their peers face-to-face instead of through a screen, and to try new things and gain confidence. Regardless of who you vote for, make a great choice, choose camp! We hope to see you this summer!

We are Towering Pines Camp and we approve this message.

(inspired by Camp Ocean Pines’ video)