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Camper Achievements June 24-July 1, 2018

Posted by on July 2, 2018

Weekly Camper Achievements June 24 through July 1, 2018

It’s the Towering Pines philosophy that children build confidence by achieving success, and much of our programming is designed around this goal.

To reinforce the success / confidence, camper achievements are announced each day at the evening assembly (right before dinner).  Counselors from each activity area tell the entire camp about camper accomplishments for the day, e.g. passing a new rank in archery or riflery, successfully completing a new skill in waterskiing, catching the biggest fish of the day, etc.

The Towering Pines staff thought that you’d like to hear about these successes too.

To protect the campers’ anonymity, campers will be listed by first name and last initial.

Your boys are doing a great job!


Chiefs of the Day

Congratulations Lucas, the camp is lucky to have a Chief of the Day like you.  Superb choice Ethan!!

  • Emeric D
  • Thomas K
  • Henry S
  • Colin Mc I
  • Eli W
  • Lucas H-S

Weekly Camp Special Event – Pirates’ Day…yar!!

Each Sunday TP has a camp-wide special event. This week’s excitement was Pirates’ Day.

The Blue Team, led by Notorious Nico P, delivered a piratical smiting of the Red Team. The Red Prate King, Dangerous Daniel McH bravely walked the plank (often mistaken for the TP diving board by non-camp tourists) to seal his fate.


Vespers / Community

This week’s Vespers was beautifully delivered by the CITs in Cabin 12, on The Importance of Community at Towering Pines.  Nicely done lads.


Cabin Clean-Up

Every day, the camp nurse inspects the cabins with a 12-point itemized list of cleaning expectations. The cabin with the highest accumulated score at the end of the week wins a trip to Kathy’s Ice Cream Shoppe!

With such high stakes, the competition is relentlessly fierce, so congratulations on your sweet sweet victory in this week’s cleaning championship:

Cabin 12 Apache, a.k.a., the Men of Apache



Bar II

  • Pablo R


  • Pablo R

 Pro Marksman

  • Aiden E
  • Bernardo G
  • Scott K


  • Jorge R
  • Finn Van H

 Marksman First Class

  • Finn Van H
  • Henry St.

 Riflery High Scores

  • Nico P 44 points
  • Finn Van H 44 points
  • Pablo R



Archery Black Yeoman

  • Colin Mc I
  • Patricio L
  • Sam St.
  • Andres C
  • Nolan B
  • Bernardo G
  • Jonah S
  • Santiago C

White Yeoman

  • Eli W.
  • Johnny E
  • Sam C
  • Lucas H


  • Johnny E
  • Bernardo G

White Bowman

  • Eli W
  • Lucas H

Black Bowman

  • Colin Mc I
  • Andres C
  • Jonah S
  • Andres C

Black Archer

  • Colin Mc I
  • Pablo E

White Archer

  • Eli W

Archery High Scores

  • Eli W – 33 points at 10 yards
  • Sam C – 43 points at 10 yards
  • Colin Mc I – 42 points at 20 yards
  • Johnny E – 41 points at 10 yards
  • Nico P – 50 points at 20 yards
  • James W – 50 points at 20 yards
  • Johnny E – 45 points at 10 yards



  • Soccer Player of the Week – Jorge R
  • Soccer Most Improved – James W


Skin Diving

  • Ben K – 14” small mouth bass


Trail Bike Grand Prix – new in 2018!!

  • 1st – Matt S
  • 2nd – Javier G
  • 3rd – Bernardo G



  • Henry St – 14” small mouth bass
  • Ryan G – 13” Large mouth bass
  • Giacomo – P Big rock bass
  • Johnny H – caught the first fish in his life, then 4 more!
  • Julian C – 13” Northern Pike
  • Sammy H – 13” small mouth bass
  • Henry St – 13” small mouth bass



Sailing is one of TP’s most popular activities.

Sail Race

  • Colin Mc I finished his first regatta and placed a very respectable 2nd place!



Level 1

  • Eli W

Level 3

  • Julian H-S

 Level 4

  • Daniel McH
  • Aidan E
  • Charlie S
  • Santiago C
  • Andres C
  • Julian C
  • Bernardo G

 Level 5

  • Sam St.
  • Chris W

 Level 6 – the highest level. Completion of Level 6 means the camper no longer needs to take instructional swim.

  • Finn Van H – congrats Finn!


Weirdest Camper of the Week

There is, one might reasonably surmise, considerable competition for this award.

This week, the most deserving recipient is…

Leo N for his innovative approach to the evening soap dip!!

Congratulations to Leo, and to his justifiably proud parents.

Camp life inspires creativity!