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Cabin 7 Reminds Us That It Is Reunion Time!

As families start to make plans to gather for the holidays, our camp “family” comes together as well for the annual Camp Reunion in the Chicago area.  Cabin 7 is decked out in “everything TP” and hopes to see you at Jeff & Jenny’s house on Saturday, November 18th, around 3:30 pm!

Here is a little more about the campers from Iroquois:

What was the highlight of your summer?

Jack: I caught a tree frog during Olympics.

Gabe: Water-skiing on 2 skis.

Calvin: Archery and awards.

Nico: The food!!!!

Alexis: Workshops.

Ross: Getting to be with my friends.

Alex: I had a lot of fun this summer!

James: Catching multiple fish.

Max: Getting to 40 yards in archery.

Jake (CIT): Gold Rush because my cabin won, and I had a good time helping them win it.

What are some ways you were able to enjoy just being a kid and getting to play at camp?

Jack: I got to do Zoo and sailing and all the other activities I couldn’t do at home.

Gabe: I really liked learning new skills from the activities around camp.

Calvin: Shooting arrows.

Nico: Passing levels during archery.

Alexis: Playing soccer.

Ross: Not having to listen to your parents.

Alex: I got to do cool things and play sports and ski and stuff.

James: Playing soccer.

Max: Everything is so fun, so I do everything!

Jake (CIT): Just participating in every activity just like I would if I were 8.

What is an achievement for which you are most proud?

Jack: I got my Crew in sailing.

Gabe: I got to pass awards in archery and learn some skills along the way.

Calvin: Getting my Red Archer in 2 days and Spoon Assassins.

Nico: Winning the Golden Flipper Award with Eli!

Alexis: Trying new things.

Ross: Getting my Pirate name in sail race.

Alex: I got to kneeling in riflery.

James: Getting “Catch of the Day”.

Max: Getting to 40 yards in archery.

Jake (CIT): Catching fish!

What is something you learned most about yourself?

Jack: I can do anything if I set my mind to it!

Gabe: I’m a good swimmer and able to swim to the bottom of the deepest level.

Calvin: I’m awesome!

Nico: I like chocolate milk cold.

Alexis: I’m good at sports.

Ross: That I’m a good Skipper.

Alex: I improved a lot in archery and tennis.

James: That I’m a good fisherman.

Max: I’m a good goalie in soccer.

Jake (CIT): I enjoy taking crafts and archery and could see myself instructing those activities in the future.