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Best Moments from Cabin 12


Best Moments from Camp Cabin 12

I am really proud of:

Rodrigo: going to ropes course

Rafael: being a CIT and learning how to be a counselor

Alvaro: learning new skills in different activities at camp and how to be a role model

Emiliano: going to the ropes course

Mitch: being a red-shirt at the barn, learning to play the ukulele and singing at campfire


coed show close-up cabin 12

The thing I learned most about myself:

Rodrigo: it is not easy being a CIT

Rafael: how to help other people

Alvaro: how to be patient with the campers

Emiliano: when I am ready to do something, I do it well

Mitch: I like to do many things and my abilities have expanded since last year; I have grown up and matured

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How I thrived this summer:

Rodrigo: passing ranks in riflery

Rafael: having fun with my friends

Alvaro: sharing my opinions and experiences with my cabin mates

Emiliano: by working to get my expert in riflery

Mitch: riding, getting up early, and having a great time with my friends