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April Showers from Iroquois!

Posted by on April 17, 2017

Best Moments from Cabin 7:

What is one moment you will never forget?

Santiago: Having fun with my cabin mates

Ethan: Sailing during high winds

Bryce: I saw a double rainbow over Clear Lake

Pedro: Laughing with the people in my cabin

Andres: Joking around with my cabin

Alex: All of the funny moments at the TP Fair

Ray: Aaron lost his first Olympics ever after a long winning streak!

What is something adventurous you did this summer?

Santiago: Taking the playaks to the sandbar

Ethan: Taking out a sail boat

Bryce: Going to the Moss Garden

Pedro: Going on our cabin canoe trip

Andres: Our canoe trip was adventurous

Alex: Going to Bond Falls for Adventure Day

Ray: Cabin canoe trip

What is something for which you are most proud?

Santiago: I improved in tennis, sailing, and skin diving

Ethan: I passed crew in sailing

Bryce: Learning to rig a boat

Pedro: Learning to slalom ski

Andres: Improving in tennis

Alex: Passing a lot of ranks in archery

Ray: Passing my last “prone” rank in riflery and moving up to sitting position

What is something you learned about yourself?

Santiago: I can achieve the goals I set for myself

Ethan: I like sailing

Bryce: How to deal with people who are different from me

Pedro: It is important not to give up

Andres: I can be calm in certain situations

Alex: I enjoyed TP Players

Ray: If I keep coming back to camp, I will be a TP legend!