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7/15 Paul Bunyan Day!

Posted by on July 15, 2012

(Posted by Joe Fitzsimmons)

Paul Bunyan Day kicked off with another delicious pancake/sausage breakfast cooked by the CITs.  I love the thin/crispy pancakes and the sausages covered in maple syrup!!  Afterwards, the campers headed to Vespers where Jeff and Jon strummed “Put it There” and “Let it Be” while Cabin 8 shared their thoughts about “Honesty” and the importance of it at camp and in life in general.  I like the fact that I get to see and hear the reflective sides of campers at Vespers, not only the active fun-loving part at activities…It’s nice to have that balance.

After Vespers, the entire camp was divided into two teams and competed in “Capture the Pins” at the athletic field.  After lots of running, chasing and capturing, we all headed to the waterfront for an awesome sunny Freeswim.  Nokomis always feels great after sweating in the sun!

Finally after Quiet Hour came the actual Paul Bunyan activities.  Though not as popular as Gold Rush, it’s beloved for its wide range of competitive events.  The camp was divided into two teams, Green and White, and competed in Tug-O-War, Swedish Rings, saw cutting, fire building, clothes race and a few others.  After all was said and done, the White Team came out on top!

However, like we say at camp:  Everybody plays, everybody wins.  This will continue to be true as week 4 activities get underway tomorrow.  Should be another great week!