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Choose Camp: Vote for Towering Pines

It goes without saying that you have seen your share of political ads over the past several weeks and months. More than likely, these ads are telling you something about the choices you should make on November 3rd.  So, instead of advising you who to vote for, we would like to give you a better choice this year. We want you to CHOOSE CAMP! Here at Camp Towering Pines, we actually care about the thing that most politicians only pretend […]

The Spooky Tale of Lost Lake

Every TP man who has ventured across the lake in a canoe has heard a ghost story or two. Towering pines is host to all manner of mythical creatures, ranging from the real to the improbable. I myself have seen Moses, the giant snapper of Turtle Bay, with my own eyes. Other beasts sound like the stuff of legends: Water Panthers, Hodags, and even rumors of Velociraptors have come echoing through the woods. When you look at each of these […]