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Least Likely Friendships Are Possible at Camp

Posted by on April 25, 2016

Almost a month ago, we had 2 high school seniors stay with us for the weekend. One of our guests was my oldest nephew who lives in Nebraska and the other was my next-door neighbor from when we lived in Georgia (an adopted nephew!). We decided to celebrate their graduations by treating them to a fishing trip to mark this important milestone. Aidan and Ben met in 2010 when Aidan came to Augusta with his Mom (my sister) to visit […]

Adventures that Last

What is the measure of a really good adventure? We all have a lot of great memories from camp and maybe some not-so-great ones. So, how do you know you’ve really had a proper adventure? Maybe you remember it forever or maybe it shaped you in some meaningful way. Maybe it just leaves a feeling behind, even if you can’t remember the particulars. A worthwhile adventure should do all these things; but, above all, it should challenge you. We resurrected […]