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Camper Achievements of the Day

Posted by on June 30, 2015

Camp is off to a great start!! The boys have barely signed up for activities, and they’re already passing ranks. So far… Chief of the Day Matt S. Jake Sor. Rainer H. Riflery Tanner H. passed his Marksman First Class Jorge R. had high score of the day with a 45 from prone position. Fishing Jack G. has the Catch of the Day with a 10 inch largemouth bass. Weirdest Kids of the Day Cabin 3, pictured in the photo […]

The Vision

It’s that time of year when I can finally put the responsibilities and obligations of the school year in the past and reorient myself for the summer. That’s one of the great things about a career in education: you still get a summer. Of course, academics like me usually spend the summer doing the same thing they do during the year. But I’m one of the lucky few who get to go home, truly home. I was raised at camp. […]

The Coolest Guy on the Planet

Posted by on June 10, 2015

It turns out that the Coolest Guy on the Planet is, well… Me. I’m as surprised as you are.  Who knew?! Last week, I was no cooler (though perhaps a bit nerdier) than everyone else. But then I arrive at camp and suddenly the campers look at me – and I realize this borders on treasonous – like I’m almost as cool as The Fonz. The Fonz! It turns out that, in the eyes of our campers, Camp Counselors are the […]