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We Give Thanks for Camp!

Happy Turkey Day from Cabin 5! In this season of Giving Thanks, the boys from Cabin 5 show their thanks for spending a summer at camp (see poster)!  Campers are not the only ones who are grateful for the opportunity to be at Towering Pines for 6-weeks.  According to a recent blog from the Huffington Post, Pennsylvania camp owners, Mitch and Stephanie Reiter, note that parents are thankful for the many things the camp experience offers for their children as […]

Camp Reunion Day – See You There!

November is a notoriously happy time for a lot of reasons, namely the first snowfall, imminent holidays and promise of winter break in less than a month. But as a winter chill enters the air, it also brings about a certain nostalgia, because it feels like camp has never been further away. At least while it was still warm out, we could pretend like Eagle River was still within our reach, as if we had only just left the Northwoods […]

Revving up for the Reunion!

As I write this blog, there are about 400,000 bikers (on motorcycles) joining the residents of Galveston Island (where I now live) for the Lone Star Rally this weekend.  As I have listened to bikes of all shapes and sizes drive by all day (and all night), I can’t help but think how they are really just coming here for their yearly reunion.  And, we are about to do the same thing ourselves when Woodland/TP campers and staff come together […]