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Camp Colors

You might find it interesting to know that camp colors just JUMP OUT at me wherever I go, so I decided to create a special “board” on Pinterest to showcase just SOME of the examples of Towering Pines Green and White and how they remind me of camp.  Please feel free to send us your own photos or internet findings that depict the TP spirit, and we will add them to our Pinterest collection. Email us at: This is what Jeff’s […]

Thinking Outside the “Books”: The Benefits of Summer Camp

It goes without saying that parents want what is best for their kids, right?  Since we are on the subject of “Back to School”, you may be interested to know that kids today need to be more than “book smart” in order to be successful once they leave home and are off to college.  Just because a child excels at academics or has talent in another area (sports, music, art, etc.), doesn’t mean that he will automatically rise to the […]

Back to School: A Challenge from Cabin 7

It is hard to believe that August just turned into September and that it is the time of year for “Back to School”!  At the start of each summer, campers have the opportunity to set goals for themselves.  Campers may strive to pass a certain level or rank in riflery/archery or to master their serve in tennis.  Some campers may challenge themselves to be invited to be a “red shirt” in riding, make a mooring in sailing, or perfect a […]