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Achievements for 7/1/2013

Posted by on July 2, 2013

Daily Achievements for 7/1/13

Chief of the Day

  • Alex A.



  • Sebastian D earned Beginner level
  • Alex F earned Beginner level
  • Nicolas T earned Beginner level



  • Eli W drop-skied & slalomed all the way around Lake Nokomis



  • Rodrigo E earned White Bowman
  • Tommy D earned White Bowman
  • Dominic G earned White Bowman
  • High score of the day Jack B: 36 points at 20 yards



  • Jack P earned Marksman 1st Class
  • Alex F. earned Pro Marksman
  • Mateo T earned Pro Marksman



  • Gordie M landed a 2 inch minnow.  Way to go Gordie!!


Chef Parade for the hugely popular Jambalaya lunch meal

  • Drinka B.
  • Betty H.