Author: Jonathan Dellinger

Nearing the End

We are in the final stretch of the camp season, here in the Northwoods! In a few days, many of you will be paying us a visit to pick up your boys and get a little taste of all that has transpired this summer. I hope you have been having as great a summer as we have! Amidst the busy schedule and zany adventures happening every day, I’m finding a little time to sit and catch up with all of […]


Comfort is great and all, but sometimes a little discomfort can be good, too. Perhaps I should explain some. Getting out of our comfort zone is where a lot of important growth occurs. The third week is challenge week at camp. We’ve unified and begun building our community; this makes a great environment for the boys to challenge themselves! The third week of camp can be a challenge on its own, honestly. It always seems to be around that time […]

Community Values

Allow me to wish you a late Happy Fourth of July! Significant not just for our country, but for the campers, too, Fourth of July is when our brother and sister camps get together for a special campfire. This event reminds us of the importance of building and preserving not only camp traditions, but also in promoting a sense of community! Week two was, indeed, community week at camp, so forgive me while I reflect on it for a little […]

Make a Scene

Oh, how the time flies! It seems like just yesterday we were saying farewell to the last season, and here we are again. I’ve been up north for three weeks, one of which marks the first week of session one. The boys are all here (with the exception of some late arrivers) and things are rolling right along. The staff spent all of last week getting camp put together for the new summer and a new group of campers. The […]

Seeing the Best

We once had a man who went by Buck here at camp. A Native American and a long-time friend of my grandfather’s, he introduced some of those traditions and cultural practices to camp. Now, that was all before my time, but Grandpa would always say that Buck never had anything bad to say about a person. Can you imagine it? Over time, this quality has made Buck a nearly mythical figure at camp. As a social scientist, I would describe […]