Author: Jonathan Dellinger

Happy National Public Lands Day from cabin 4!

These cool dudes had a unanimously awesome summer together, everywhere from their daily activities to their free time in the cabin. Something else they all had in common? An appreciation for nature and a fantastic canoe trip! So, in honor of National Public Lands Day, here are some of Hurons’ best moments from 2018, many of which involved enjoying the natural resources of Wisconsin! What was your favorite adventure this summer? Emeric D: “canoe trip, because I had fun. We […]

One summer down, one school year to go…

And just like that the summer came and went. Did it seem quick to you? I have a hard time believing that it’s done already, but at the same time, it is also hard to believe that just a few weeks ago we were all celebrating our successful summer together at the TP banquet. Like you, I am now getting myself prepared for another school year. As I start another busy semester teaching and researching at UW-Milwaukee, I like to […]

Quest Day: A fantasy-themed day of challenges!

It’s hard to believe that half of the season has already gone by! I’ve already been up here for over a month and city living is a distant memory (just the way I prefer it). I find that the periodic change of pace can really help a guy’s outlook. That’s true of the monotony of the school year, the so-called “real world,” and also at camp. Right around the third week, people tend to start slowing down a little. We’ve […]

Nearing the End

We are in the final stretch of the camp season, here in the Northwoods! In a few days, many of you will be paying us a visit to pick up your boys and get a little taste of all that has transpired this summer. I hope you have been having as great a summer as we have! Amidst the busy schedule and zany adventures happening every day, I’m finding a little time to sit and catch up with all of […]


Comfort is great and all, but sometimes a little discomfort can be good, too. Perhaps I should explain some. Getting out of our comfort zone is where a lot of important growth occurs. The third week is challenge week at camp. We’ve unified and begun building our community; this makes a great environment for the boys to challenge themselves! The third week of camp can be a challenge on its own, honestly. It always seems to be around that time […]