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Camp on Your Resume – Part 1

We have started a new format for connecting with staff this year and are holding monthly meetings via Zoom as a way to see each other (think mini-reunion!) and discuss pertinent topics of interest relating to camp.  Recently we asked 4 alums to join us and share their insight on how working as a counselor at Woodland or Towering Pines has benefited their career (and life!) success.  Let me just say that we were BLOWN AWAY by what our panelists […]

Cabin 7 Reminds Us That It Is Reunion Time!

As families start to make plans to gather for the holidays, our camp “family” comes together as well for the annual Camp Reunion in the Chicago area.  Cabin 7 is decked out in “everything TP” and hopes to see you at Jeff & Jenny’s house on Saturday, November 18th, around 3:30 pm! Here is a little more about the campers from Iroquois: What was the highlight of your summer? Jack: I caught a tree frog during Olympics. Gabe: Water-skiing on […]